Jolly Jumpers

The Game

Jolly Jumpers™ is a jolly fun (annoying) game for mobile devices. Currently it's available from Google Play: for Android devices.

Tips for game

Game is all about jumping over obstacles. But you need to know when to jump and how much power you will use.

Ps. You can start to generate jumppower while on air. Good luck.

Gameplay video

Link to original video: video.mp4

Game was originally released for Assembly 2019 Summer GameDev competition on 26.7.2019.


Contact for any reason:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 46 8500822.
Toni "Claustro" Walther

Legal mumbojambo

All rights reserved. Feel free to share your screenshots, gamevideos on any broadcast (Youtube, Vimeo, whatever).